29. juli 2011

One week after evil and madness in Oslo

It's been a bad week here in Norway.

I made this little tribute after attending the biggest rally ever witnessed in Oslo, a peaceful rally and with a message completely opposite the mad-man's convictions.....it was simply put.....wonderful to be a part of.

Last Friday, a mad-man decided to set off a bomb in the centre of Oslo, targeting the ruling government.

- After that, he went to a youth political camp on an island and killed children with his rifle and gun.

We now stand at 77 dead, 69 of who were kids and youth, unarmed and trapped on an island.

I feel a bit strange about the bomb, because it went off just 80-100 meters from my work place.
Luckily I have vacation, so I was not in the area. Everyone inside the office were fine, only a broken window, luckily we face away from the blast-wave and our building was shielded by other buildings. If wasn't, then I am sure every window at our place could be turned into a shrapnel-storm causing injuries, this happened on many other places in the area.

It feels a bit weird, because just a few weeks back, before the summer holliday, I was there on a regular basis and I often popped down to the Dehli outside our work (now turned into a window-less hurt-hole). I often went down to the local photography shop, or to the computer hardware stores or to "Clas Ohlson" to buy some cheap cool gadgets in the afternoons around 15:00-17:00.

Or simply, going home to catch the train........the route I usually followed during all these activities, is very close to the spot the bomb went off .
I would actually cross the street that was bombed just 30-40 meters away from "ground zero".

A sobering thought, to think that life can be ended without warning in a second, just like that.

I feel so sorry for the victims and their families, the horrible stories are almost unbearable to listen to.

I hope we will be a society that will be able to see the likes of the terrorists, long before they become one, maybe...one day.

I do not want to be cheesy or anything with the video. It is my way to honour the victims some how, apart from laying down flowers in front of Oslo Cathedral, which I also did.

"You cannot fight hatred with more hate"

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