22. juli 2011

A visit to Beelitz-Heilstätten Sanatorium

Here are some stils from this amazing place I visited in May.

Initially this was a trip with my company to Berlin.
We had one "free-day" though, and while most of the company did the tourist route, I went south-west towards Potsdam to visit Beelitz.
I got a good chance to marvel at the former East-Germany's wonderful farming landscape while travelling by train from Berlin, nice trip on nice trains.

After some fiddling with various trains, I arrived at this awesome place.
(For history and facts, check out this wikipedia article )
I must have wandered around for maybe 4-5 hours, but I need to go back, because there are still a lot to see and photograph there.

Regards to "Uexplorer", tnx ^^

(You may click on the photos for larger size)

Enjoy ^^

One of the many hospital wards on the location
(B&W infra-red simulation)

Beautiful staircase entrance

Another view of staircase

The green hallway

Moody room with drawing

The cozy place

Into the darkness

Old Soviet newspaper

Maintenance hall

A room with a view...

Boiler-room (all creepy places has at least one)
Colourful hall

Ready for guests..... :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Love these photographs. No. 2 is stunning!

  2. Thank you, I urge everyone to take the trip if in Berlin and go visit this place. (remember good shoes and possibly a flashlight for the darkest areas).
    - Also, never take any chances if you are alone, if some stairs look dodgy, don't risk it, stay safe =)