7. november 2011

Caffenol silverprint


Just got an enlarger (for photo, not that other thing :P).

So, now I can make my own prints, finally the last 50% of real photography can start.

I was out shooting in Frognerparken here in Oslo on Saturday, foggy and rainy, but made for an interesting session with my Mamiya.

Looked like people were amazed that there are photographers still using cameras bigger than their Ixus, because people gave me looooooooooong looks as I hovered above the massive Mamiya on the tripod, checking focus, reading the distance scale and measuring light with my light meter.

Yes, that's someone photographing, now move along :)

Anyway, I got a little hint on Apug that you can not only use caffenol to develop film, you can also use it to develop the paper as well (in the darkroom.......for those too young to remember that a lot of photographers used to do their own b&w film and print-processing at home ^^)

The print took "forever" to form, about 10 minutes or so....normally it takes 1-2 minutes in conventional developers.

Check it out (click the photo for bigger version):

Caffenol silverprint (Paper is "Work by Tetenal grade 3", developer is Caffenol-c-h)
This is a straight scan from my print, the print is about A4, the toning is from the coffee, cool huh?
On first glance, it looks kind of foggy, but it was a foggy day, so.....I may try it in another caffenol configuration to see if it gets a little more clear, although I doubt it due to the nature of the light and the natural haze in the scene.

It took a little too long to form in the tray (paper almost fell apart), so next time I'll probably use straight Caffenol-c-l or Caffenol-c-m anyway, no Potassiom bromide in the mix, to see if it develops faster.

If you're really hardcore, I suppose you can soup a film in Caffenol, pour the developer back into a bottle and use the same soup to develop a print from your coffee developed film later

(I'm not doing that yet, because I am currently testing out 1-2 developers for films that I have to get to know their quirks a little)

Too many variables will make the path of consistency difficult :)

Damn this is so much fun! =D

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  1. Ack og ve, jeg har veldig lyst til å forsøke det her altså.
    Men jeg er så redd for å spolere film...