21. november 2011

Foggy walking Sunday......with unexpected IR ^^

Finally got the chance to take a trip, to try out a new 120 film on Sunday.
I've been dying to try it out, but weather and time hasn't been on my side, the sun also sets very early this time of year, so if you're not out at noon, you may as well just forget about it.

Here are some photos, taken with Rollei retro 80s, a vintage looking b&w film with some unique properties: It's sensitivity extends into the near infrared spectrum (up to 750nm), meaning you can use if for infrared photography when you use opaque filters like Hoya R72 and others.

Some even report IR-effects with yellow and red filters, but "pure" woods effect is usually only possible with opaque filters.

Very little grain, good resolution and excellent tonality in this film, cannot wait to try it out for people as well.

Anyway, weather is weather, cannot do much about the fog, so one may as well work with it, instead of trying to wait it out. =)

- So I decided to take a trip to Lillestrøm (more specific to Nitelva) to make some moody fog-shots. :)

All photos are taken with the Mamiya RZ67 pro II, then developed in Tetenal Ultrafin 1+20 for 11 minutes @ 20 degrees, 5 minute pre-soak.

I think the photos came out alright, very tranquil mood. The Sunday walk was a relaxing bonus anyway, nothing like getting out in fresh air, instead of being a lazy, weekend, couch-potato. ^^

Resting place
Tiny island
Swan-lake :P
The bend
River shoreline
River shoreline 20 second infrared shot (Hoya R72)

The wet-prints have another character, but I cannot post any scans from those yet, as they are still drying.
The toning in the above photos, simulate gold-toning (which I have done with my actual prints), contrary to what one may believe, gold toning gives b&w prints a cold blue hue and is used for archival, as well as artistic purposes. See: Wikipedia on print toning

Funny that the last shot showed any IR-effect at all, because it was pretty late in the afternoon, it's late autumn/beginning of winter and the fog was thick as heck.

Just goes to show; it pays to experiment a little. ^^

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