1. desember 2011

Hair to stay

It's December in the year of the lord, 2011.

This means that I can now publish the photos I took in collaboration with Sunniva R. Jensen for her entry into the national competition for hair-dressers/hair stylists in October.

We worked together last year as well, and it was fun and a good challenge. ^^

This year, she used two models and did 2 separate hair-styles and then another two of the same style for a photo of the two models, Silje and Sofie, together.

4 jobs in total, and all that in the same day, wow!

MUA for the shoot was Sofie, wonderful job indeed. :)

We had to deliver three finished photos of the hair styling and the following three were the ones that we sent in.

First up was model Silje ( http://www.modelmayhem.com/221960)

A very classic romantic look with a very nicely worked curl over her right shoulder

After that, Sunniva created some funny looking pigtails, woven with a technique called fish-bone pattern weaving, they are designed to be frizzy and fuzzy and kind of rough-looking.

For the last setting, Sunniva created one impressive hair creation on Sofie (http://www.modelmayhem.com/1885385 ). I must say, with the existing style of Sofie, coupled with this creation, I really got the feel that I was photographing a vampire queen, awesome! =)

One helluva effort from Sunniva here on all of these styles. =)

I, off-course, also took the opportunity to shoot some Kodak Plus-X 35mm film with my analogue camera.
I wanted to see how this classic film looked and since I already had the lights up and measured, I simply fired a few shots at the end of the session where both models were present.

I really like these as well, they have a completely different feel to them.
Personally I think about those vintage grindhouse/70's b-movies with strong, murdering women, driving around, killing men, when I look at them. ^^

- Silje as the helpful and smiling little murder that lures you into the trap, and Sofie as the gang leader bad-ass who actually beat you up and kill you =D

The Kodak plus-x film was developed in Tetenal Ultrafin 1:20 for 7.5 minutes and later scanned.
I love the look of this film so it's sad that it will no longer be available.

Plus-X film is to be discontinued by Kodak, 120 format was discontinued in February and the last batches of 35mm are now being sold in the stores, after that is gone, the film moves into history.
May they license this emulsion to a 3rd party film manufacturer in eastern Europe, or burn in hell..

I really enjoyed this project a lot and I hope that the photos do well in the competition. Sunniva really did a great job with this and she really deserve a lot of credit for her hard work.

Sofie and Silje also did a really good job as models here, perfect for the assignment!

And now and can relax again from keeping track on which girl has which name, starting with an "S". =D


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