25. januar 2012

Storms and studio things

Just a small update.

It's been a while, last entry I talked about travelling to the north to try and capture the aurora, but no such luck.

There were several storms hitting the coast, causing overcast weather most of the Christmas holliday and when we had some clear weather, the aurora wasn't active, better luck next year I suppose.

I was located on the shielded side of the island of Senja, so the only effect we noticed from the storms, were several big storm-surges.

Storm surge overflowing the pier. Canon 1ds mk II with Canon 17-14 F4 L

In the beginning of January, I went to Baden-Baden in Germany to hook up with someone ^^, it was a nice trip, though the photos I took were more of the casual "family/friends" type, no shoots or fancy tourist shots, sorry =)

I did have a chance to visit Fotoimpex and Monochrom during my 9 hour transit stop in Berlin. I made sure to pick up 20 rolls of Fuji Neopan Acros 100 in 120 format and 5 rolls for 35mm, as well as a few bits for the darkroom.

Right before I left for Germany though, I had another shoot with Nicky Namnam , main goal was "funky angles" type of shoot, to get something different than the usual "straight on".

Looking good as always and always a joy to chat and joke with, here are some of the finished ones, all shot with my Canon 1ds mk II:

These are from the first setting, more coming later as I work my way trough the photos =)

I also had a shoot with an old friend of mine, Kari, the first alternative model I ever worked with. This time, the setting was more "plain" or civilian if you like, this works very well too =)

She is also a working photographer =)

I took both analogue and digital photos, I've only finished three of these yet, too much stuff going on these days to be able to get the time to work properly, but here goes:

Canon 1ds mk II with Canon 24-105 F4 L

Hasselblad 503CW 80 zeiss planar 80mm, with Fuji Acros 100 in Tetenal ultrafin 1:20. Scan from Ilford multigrade IV silverprint.

Hasselblad 503CW 80 zeiss tessar 160mm, with Fuji Acros 100 in Tetenal ultrafin 1:20. Scan from Ilford multigrade IV silverprint.
I love the wild hair on these =)

I still have more in the backlog from both shoots.

I also have been tinkering in dry-mounting fiber prints properly, as I have had a hellish time drying them straight and getting them to stay straight when framing, more on that in a later blog post. =)

Next week on this very day, we are in February, shortest month of the year, amazing.

Peace out =)

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