5. mars 2012

Shoot with Ms. K. Maila ^^

She was the first person I photographed outside my friends back in 2007 and also the first person from the goth and alternative sub-culture that I collaborated with.

Trough her, I did get to meet and work with several other people, so I thank her for any good words and recommendations that she might have passed on to the people that came after her. 

A few tons of water has passed under the bridge since then. We had a couple more shoots after the first, before other things, like studies and interests, moved her away from modeling somewhat.

But a few weeks back, we had a little shoot again, good times. =)
I've always liked her unique look and lovely eyes.

This setting was of a normal type, with a nice dress and nice makeup and hair, somewhere between beauty and portraiture. (she did the beauty bit, I did the portraits :) )

It has always amazed me how women can transform trough style and clothes. I've seen her in a variety of styles in the past, ranging from goth, to extreme Mohawks, to short hair/half shaved punk styles and now in a normalized and feminine evening dress. =)

I think she did great and she should definitely try and do more shoots and collaborations. =)

All photos were shot with my Canon 1ds mk II, then converted to monochrome in post.


If you are interested in seeing the earlier collaborations between us, visit my creativity and alternative styles album on my facebook page (and become a fan even =D ).

In other news, I got a real bargain on some darkroom equipment this Saturday, after, incidentally, going to a huge photographic fare in Lillestrøm with the above mentioned young woman. (she is a working photographer now).

I will be talking more about those things in a later post.

Have a great week and don't forget to celebrate your girlfriends/spouses this Thursday, it's the international women's day (or you will be sorry haha! ^^ )