3. juni 2012

Spring project 2012 with Imageakademiet

In the beginning of May this year, the annual spring project with the students at Imageakademiet kicked off.

This year, the theme was "Avant garde, superpower", which basically ment, Avant garde with some element of a super power in it.

New, as for 2012, was that the team consisted of two makeupartist-students (MUA) and one fashion consultant student (MOT). Earlier years, the teams consisted of one MUA and one photographer.
Unfortunately, one of the MUA's got sick during the project and had to pull out of the group, but we were still left with one MUA and one MOT. =)

Normally, in a professional setting, it's the final customer and the photographer that does most of the planning and deciding in projects.
- As this was a project for the students though, the students were responsible for planning, design and organization of the idea, using the photographer as a resource and consultant for the photographic aspects of the project.

The mua/mot team landed on an idea around scarecrows and the special power was flight.
On shoot-day we traveled north of Oslo towards the farm-land area and did the shoot in a large field.

Here's the final photo:

MUA: Grete Skjæveland
MOT: Linda Schulstad
Models: Linda Schulstad and Arild Skullerud

I decided to shoot the models on top of a crate and move them around a bit and then shoot the scene without models. In post production, the crate was removed and the feet and poses on the models were altered to create a more believable impression of hovering/flight.

After that, I altered shadows and light to create more depth and to match the angle of the partly hidden sun in the background.

The crows themselves were shot 2 days later and added into the photo.

As a final step, I tonemapped the whole scene to create drama in the skies and the mood and also added the hazy sunlight breaking trough the clouds in the horizon.

Conditions were windy and cold, so the models really did a great job in this, being very lightly clothed.

I am fairly pleased with the final result, but as always there are things I may have done differently and better if I was to do this again. ^^

The photo was displayed in the annual exhibition-event they have in conjunction with this kinds of project, great fun to see what the other groups had come up with.

1 year until the next collaboration with Imageakademiet, I hope to be able to participate then too =)

This blog entry comes from the fjords in Hardanger, as I am currently on assignment for the Japanese musician Rio Yamase who plays the violin as well as the extremely Norwegian Hardanger fiddle.

I'm having a really great time here, Japanese people are both friendly and funny to hang out with. =)
Off to vacation soon! \o/