27. mai 2013

Tuesday workshop, session 3: Angels and demons

Lots of stuff happening these days, some of it may also be some material for this blog ^^

But, for now; Fast forward to the third session at the Tuesday workshop!

The setting for this workshop, was angels and demons.
This opened up for a number of interpretations and creative angles on the subject.

I was lucky to be working with two wonderful young women this time; Charlotte and Nicky.
Charlotte was to play the demon and Nicky took the role as the angel.

I planned out a few settings in my mind about the "what" and the "how" regarding the use of Photoshop after the shoot.
Mostly, thoughts about which settings to use and how to put the models into them later. (pre-planned shooting for PS as I call it).

It worked out ok, most shots were usable and I had a few good alternatives from each setting, enabling me to choose the best candidates to finish pretty quickly.

I did have a few more shots which I wanted to finish as well, but due to time and work limitations, I had to round off the post-work before those were done.

- They may be cool candidates to pull out of the archives on some dark, boring winter evening at a later time.

To heaven you shall go
Canon 5D mark III with Canon 24-105 F4 L IS

 So, on this first shot, Charlotte was placed on a small stool near the floor while Nicky stood on top of a small ladder. It was shot on a white/gray background.
This is a three light setup, where I used one flash behind and to the left of the models, one flash on the floor, in front of and below the models and finally, one flash, camera right.
- I wanted to simulate the light from the flames and from angel-Nicky on Charlottes outfit. Down-pointing reflections were colored red/yellow and forward/up-pointing reflections remained white....more or less. :)

Additional post work, consisted on creating masks and also using Photoshop's "puppet-warp" here and there, to remove the impression that the models were standing on something. ^^
Nicky also got some really huge wings attached.

Canon 5D mark III with Canon 24-105 F4 L IS
This shot was pretty basic, but also a good exercise to see how one could change the color of the skin to devilish red and how to blend in flames in front and behind the model.
Other post-work, consisted of coloring the reflections in the outfit, to match the color of the flames.

Final battle
Canon 5D mark III with Canon 24-105 F4 L IS
 This was a tough one.
- Had to get the right background.
- Had to create the "lasers" from scratch, making straight ones was a challenge.
- Creating "correct" laser-light reflections on the models.
- Making decent masks.
- Alter the over-all light temperature and characteristics, to match better with the setting.
- Finding a good stock-image of the wings attached to Nicky, with the right angle.
- A decent amount of other little tweaks ^^

Canon 5D mark II with Canon 24-105 F4 L IS
Another fun one, this was also done on a white background (mirror hung from the ceiling).
Most post-work here, consisted of creating a good mask for the mirror. Charlottes black outfit kind of blended with the mirror-frame, so it was slow going to get everything nice and smooth.
Other stuff done here, is background replacement, shadow and depth of the mirror, wings for Nicky, new background for Charlotte and a hand painted devils-tail for Charlotte (I can't draw at all, so I fiddled a lot with that one :P ).

After that, mostly typical post-work on the models were done (which wasn't much)

Demon girl
Canon 5d mark III with Canon 24-105 F4 L IS
The final shot I finished, was a nice shot of Charlotte. I just wanted to finish one and send it over, because it just looks nice ^^

General post work and background replacement, also, some blending of the skin parts of the horn-prosthetics, so it actually looks like they are a part of her ^^
I didn't want to alter the eye color on this one, just keeping the whole shot as.....natural as possible (as demon-girls go)  ^^

Anyway, that's it ^^

As always, please visit Tirsdagsklubben and also the model pages I link to from my blog, I am sure they appreciate it a lot. :)

The next workshop after this, is "Abstract".
Now, that subject is usually pretty easy and open. However, the challenge arise, when these workshops are about models/photographers and MUA's working together.
- An abstract model....??

Stay tuned to see how it went ^^

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