22. juli 2013

Tuesday workshop, session 4: Abstract


Summer vacation is over and done with, time for some blogging!

I left you with a cliffhanger about the workshops at Tirsdagsklubben , theme for my workshop number 4, was "Abstract".

Well, this was indeed a tough one!
I thought long and hard on what to do, but couldn't really come up with any good ideas, even after days of pondering.....panic! =)

I got one idea though, but it was a bit hit and miss how successful it would be.
I teamed up with Lene W for this, our first shoot.

We hooked up at studio B-17 Tuesday afternoon and I tried out a few ideas.

Sadly, I found only one(!) shot which made the cut (tried various stuff, like shadow-play and some stuff with a cloth, which didn't work very well).
I'd like to point out that this wasn't related to Lene's performance in any way (she did a nice job), it was just your basic, average shitty creative process by yours truly that wasn't able to produce the good stuff. =)

Anyway, this is the shot ^^

I call it "The girl in the smoke"

Girl in the smoke
Canon 5d mk III with Canon 24-105 F4 L
Model: Lene W
The process to make this one is a bit complicated, as it is a merge between 4 photos and some trickery in between.

Anyway, when one disregard my failed creative process, I think the final shot came out really great.
You need to look at it for a while to see it, and when you do, it's still a pretty good merge between smoke and shapes, which indeed is, an abstraction of the model. =)

The next workshop, themed "Supernatural beings" went much better, me and Lene teamed up again for this one. Her idea was "Veela" and we shot that on location on a nice afternoon in early June.

Also upcoming, is a shoot I had with Cris S in June, it has barbie-fun as one of many different settings.

I am also going to post from Workshop 6, themed "Dreams" with a new model; Kristelle -X10n, a Mermaid TFP-shoot with Lene W and later, the shots from the final workshop number 7, themed "Cosplay", which was finalized last Wednesday.

Stay tuned :)

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