21. november 2013

Solution to Google+ messing with your photos

I want to inform about a problem that was annoying the hell out of me for a while, and that affects everyone creating entries on Blogspot, uploads photos to Picasa and/or use Google+.

Thankfully, I finally found a solution.

Problem description: 

A few weeks back, I was about to publish a new blog-entry about digital infrared photography, along with a little selection of photos.

After I had made the initial draft, I uploaded the photos to my blog and did a preview.
All the photos on blogger had the wrong color, strange color cast or had f*cked up contrast!
In addition, the photos also had pixelation-effects in gradient-tones (like a sky, which goes from dark to light), creating a ugly bloddy mess of my shots!

I literally HATE auto ANYTNING, that does some FUBAR "Best guess" alteration of the photos I've created. The shots I post, is supposed to look like they do, bloddy useless G+ invention!

Even linking my shots from my flickr page messed things up, as soon as I inserted the option to show "large" versions of the shots on the blog.
- Blogger then, probably, makes it's own cached version of some processed version of the photos.

It can be hard to pinpoint if the problem was with blogger, picasa or google+, as these services are intertwined and shared these days.
At the time, Google didn't really came up with any solutions....so I halted the blogposts for a while and decided to wait.

Google+ "optimized" hack
Original, as it was meant to appear

Google+ "optimized" hack
Original, as it was meant to appear

On the last blog-entry, the Mermaid-shoot last week, I saw that the photos got altered and messed with, just as with the infrared photos. So I googled harder, and found this thread.

During the discussion, a final solution to problems with photo-quality, uploaded to blogger, was presented.

The reason photos gets ruined when you upload them to blogger these days, is the Google+ auto-enhancing feature. This service was launched a few weeks back and is ON by default for EVERYONE.

The fix is to shut it bloddy off, and you do it the following way:

- Go to your Google+ homepage (you may not be there very often, but try to find your way there, the  "+" and a <name> link and can be seen on the top-bar on Gmail, for example).
- Click on the left menu on your G+ profile page saying "home", so that it expands.
- Select "Settings".
- Scroll down to the section on the new page, called "Photos"
- Select "Off" under "Auto Enhance"

See below
If Google+ has managed to f*ck up a lot of your photos already, you can click the "Learn more" link, to remove the "Enhancements" on whole albums, here is the help dialog on how to do that:

Snap, crackle and pop!
...and that's it for this blog-entry ^^

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