6. mars 2014

Fun beauty-funky-angle-session with Kristin S T

It is March already and I've been in the process of buying, moving and selling apartments.
Not much time for shoots, even less time for post-processing. It's mind-boggling how much crap one can manage to accumulate in 14 years. :)

Just before I started the process of looking for a new apartment, I had the last ever shoot in my old apartment, gracefully starred by Kristin S T.
- It was literally "shoot", then "start packing for the big move and go look for a new place to live".

Really a lovely shot, the fan lifts the hair and the eyes really drags you into the shot.

Luckily she is very a patient and calm person, so there was no nagging or bothering to get the photos as time progressed, she had a great understanding for my rather messy situation in December, January and February ^^

- I did try and finish a batch or two and send over now and then when I had the opportunity, so basically the delivery was more spread out, rather than a loooooong pause and then a huge batch of photos in her lap.

Movements in the fabric creates a dynamic feel. Hair also looks kind of classy, being set up in the back.

This was basically a two-part shoot, where the first part, was a normal beauty-shoot on white background and the second one was a more sexy/edgy shoot with funky angles, cool perspectives and more varied attitudes and expressions, also set on a white background.

"Oops! The fan is going crazy!"  =D

This is the third collaboration with Kristin and I like how the communication goes, how the idea's are developed and off-course, I also really like the final results as well. I also enjoy the exploration part of pushing the envelope together and the widening of the repertoire in posing, expressions and styles.

I did a few shots which I planned for a total background replacement, I wanted the contrast of a  beautiful, blonde model in a nice dress, put in a dark setting, wearing a gas-mask and holding a flower, like on a date.....well, sort of.  :)

Fancy a date? I

Fancy a date? II

Doing the angled-styles is always a challenge, because the model and photographer need to stand uncomfortably close to each other.

I would think that this is a challenge for the model, particularly because; Not only does she have this weirdo with a camera in her face, but she also needs to be very/extra expressive and have a "in your face" kind of attitude at the same time.

Tough combination.... ^_^

However..... \o/

Fancy dance move ^^


"Mobile selfie"


So cool

Love it! ^^

Some challenges with this style, is that it is a fine line between too much and too little. It is very easy to end up with tacky shots, strange shots, unflattering shots, hilarious shots and downright pervy ones. All this has to be avoided off-course, to end up with mostly stylish, sexy and cool shots.

Having that in mind, and at the same time almost breaking the model's own sphere of intimacy, there is the ever present challenge of getting the whole model (fingers and toes included!) IN the shot. It is a very dynamic setting with lots of movements usually (both the camera and the model), so making sure everything is in the frame and in focus is hard.

Shoe study

Some times I shoot from a squatting/lying position, so the whole body may scream "HEY! What the hell are you doing to me and my poor back, legs, arms, neck and feet?!?". =D

But, it's fun as hell! ^^
- No really, it is, results are worth the awkward shooting positions as well. :)

Besides, it mixes things up and creates a more varied set.
Straight-on shots are nice, but creating the mix of perspective and angles, is a good way to create something more than that.


What now?

Love these two, in particular the first one :)

It's a learning experience in photo-techical aspects, because finding the right wide focal-length is a little hard, finding the proper angles can be a bit hard and the choice of aperture and where to focus, plays a huge role in the final outcome. Thus, it adds up to be a great challenge ^^

Seriously now....!

Very cool and fun shoot with Kristin, was interesting to see the spectrum from the super-cute to the more hard and edgy styles. Be sure to check out her page on facebook.

I am really looking forward to further collaborations in the future. ^^

 And snip-snap and snoot, that adventure was oot, see you next time! ^^