7. mai 2014

The dark session with Lady Lunatic

This shoot was supposed to be posted and published some time ago, but due to unforeseen events, it was put on the back-burner, so unfortunately I never got to do that.
.....before now :)

Lady Lunatic (not her real name, off-course :) ), is a nice and interesting person that I met trough the Twilightmodels initiative in May 2013. It was during the duo-shoot I did with an Angels and demons theme, along Miss Nicky Namnam, that I got to know her.

In September the same year, we decided to do a separate for-fun shoot together, theme was a mix between steam-punk and other things.

The location chosen for this particular shoot, was an abandoned warehouse in the vicinity of my apartment at the time. Some scary warehouses indeed, very worn down (and very dirty as well, unfortunately).

During the summer, I had bought a Vagabond mini, which is a (very) portable battery-based power-souce for my studi-flashes. (before, I owned a Innovatronix Explorer battery, which was led-based and weigh 15 kg(!), it died on me pretty fast and was never very good, so.... )

Anyway, with the Vagabond in place, I decided to use two studoflashes (AB800) with umbrellas for the location shoot.

Miss Lunatic ( :) ) did her hair, makeup and clothes as I set up my lights and scouted for the initial "scene" for the shoot.

The intial shots, were of her wearing this elaborate dress, have loose hair and wearing a dust-mask (which I had painted a few days before).

Came out really nice.

Dark dancer


Masked pose

I also made a couple of shots with an even more sinister look, like these:

"The devil within"

"In a dark place"

The walls are 'shopped' to look Silent Hill'ish, and I like the pose miss Lunatic strikes here.

Then it was clothes-changing time again, and the light was fading fast.....really fast!

As always with locations like this, the existing light is a problem even in the day. Usually these places are very dark to begin with. The time of the year we did the shoot at, dictated that the sun would set pretty early in the evening, and it did, so it got dark, really dark.

Pitch black, to be totally honest.

You can basically do a few things when you're trying to focus in the dark;
- Use a Nikon with the focus-strobe helper.
- Use a Canon speedlight and put a piece of cardboard in-front of the flash, so you utilize the focus helper strobe only.
- Use a flashlight to help you focus.
- Use the modeling lights on the studio-flashes.

I use Canon gear, and I didn't bring my speedlights so the first two options was out.
Using the modeling lights on the strobes would drain the battery on the Vagabond, so I was very reluctant to do that (it had gotten chilly as well, which affects the batteries even more).

-I did have a small LED-based flashlight though, so I used that to light up Miss Lunatic's nail-bra, because it reflected the light very well and gave good contrast for the focus, and then fired away.

I knew my studio-strobes were much stronger than the little flash-light, so any residual light from the flashlight would not affect the photos.

It was probably annoying for the model getting a sharp LED-light on her there in the dark though, but hopefully it wasn't too bad.

We used a steam-punk inspired gun, along with the most wicked costume I've seen to date, this gave some really awesome shots.
I simply love the licking pose here, proper psycho-killer woman ^^

Just take a look at these! ^_^

You don't want to be kicked by those shoes ^^

"Entering the room"

"Killing is fun"

The fly killa babe

Proper pilot goggles

The last shots by the door, were done using two studio-flashes (and a small flashlight to be able to focus at all in the dark ^^).

Miss Lunatic was really interesting to work with, no complaints, good inputs and off-course, a very lovely person.

Hope to see her in the studio some time soon, for more shoots, I promise better light conditions, a cleaner environment and also warmer temperatures :)