17. desember 2014

Pin-up massacre!

Finally, I had a solo-shoot with miss Marion Massacre!

We've sort of orbited around each other in the photographer-model community for a few years and on earlier occasions sent some messages back and fourth, relating to shoot-ideas and concepts, never actually ending up having a shoot :D

Some of this can be related to life-events for miss Marion (child, among other things), so it's understandable, most of it can be related to me, not following up the contact good enough =D
Though, really, no pressure/stress either, we had time to do this whenever everything fell into place.

In the end, I met Marion during the Tursday-workshop initiative, where the theme for a particular week, was pin-up, then she sort of just popped in and we had a shoot, together with miss Nicky Namnam.

As mentioned in that blog-entry, it was a fun time and we agreed to hook up a little later for a solo-shoot.

In this particular shoot, miss Marion had a leopard style lingerie-outfit and even cat-ears, haha, loved that detail, gloves were also present, very stylish ^^

'Meoooww' :)

Burlesque show

Low angle "stage shot"

We did a variety of settings during the shoot, here she is even posing with my old-school Rolleiflex Automat from the 50's, very fitting. ^^

Vintage style

Here's a shot I did, using my own Rolleiflex 2.8F and Fuji Neopan 400, came out really great!

Rolleiflex 2.8F with Fuji Neopan 400
The bin was a lovely prop ^^

The lying-down poses were done in a couch. I always have problems "seeing" how I am supposed to place the lights on lying down poses and lying on the back towards the camera poses, but I somehow managed to find the right angles  ^^


The final settings were her being very cat-like, having a bowl of milk, as cats tend to do ;-)

Milk break

Very cool to shoot with Marion in a solo-setting, chatting about this and that and generally just having a good time, would definitely be cool to do something again at a later time ^^

This lovely entry, rounds off 2014, a year filled with lots of photography-fun, cool shoots and great inspiration.

I wish the people I've worked with trough the year a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year, the same goes to you, who read and follow this blog ^^

See you all in 2015 \o/