16. september 2016

Deleted my facebook-page


I did it, I finally clicked the delete button for my Facebook-page and my Facebook-profile.
- 14 days until things are gone completely.

This isn't to be mistaken for a "deactivate", I actually did a full-on delete procedure.

I will have 14 days to "rethink" the decision (as if) and then everything will be permanently deleted. (as far as I know anyway).

So, what's up with that?

Why did I do a crazy thing like that?

- Your page doesn't get any exposure anymore, unless you pay for ads.
- Speaking of ads.......ads!
- Not really interesting
- Time-consuming.
- Non-personal.
- Not adding anything to my life that I couldn't be without.
- Just another platform where you really aren't "you" anyway, but often someone you portray to be.
- Facebook tracks your every move and sell the information:

Other viable reasons why I deleted my Facebook-account:
- Facebook is political, forcing their own political agenda on the community and censors opposition.
- Facebook is moralistic, preventing free speech and art, forcing censorship on it's users and content.
- Facebook makes you always "be on", never off, completely off, ever, I miss that.
- Facebook is (or rather has become even more) super-commercial.
- Facebook is a multi-headed hydra and a black box; No one knows who sets the agenda, who controls it and who decides what.

Regarding the aspects of becoming an ex Facebook-user, I found this blog-entry to be very much in line in how I feel about it, take a look, it's a good little read:

I'll still be active on this blog, in photo-related communities and I will still be photographing, and hopefully I will also have more time to do actual stuff and stop gawking at half-interesting stuff on Facebook. ;-)

Now you know why the link to my Facebook-page was dead ^^