11. april 2018

End of the line for Fuji Acros


Fuji has finally decided to kill their last black and white film in 35mm and 120 format, along with several other products, like black and white paper.

The date of EOL for Acros is slated to be October 2018 and anyone reading this, should stock up if they can, and want, to be able to enjoy it after this date.

Yeah..about stocking up and such....

I've been following this news after a pretty well-founded rumor was posted on photrio (APUG) 30th of March and I decided to stock up once the official news was a fact, the 9th of April.

Translated version of the official announcement:


From around the 30th of March, I have seen people scrambling to order and stock up, unfortunately, the rumors begun in the middle of easter-celebrations, so some may have hesitated to place orders on places like B&H, since they are normally on a break for that celebration.

Anyway, I placed my order from fotoimpex.de the 9th of April (25 rolls in 120 and 20 rolls in 35mm), I already have a good amount to keep me shooting Acros for decades. As an ISO 100 black and white film, it will keep and keep long after the expiration-date, if you keep it frozen.
Fuji Neopan 100, 120 pro-pack with 5 films will be a thing of the past.
(or something you thaw from cryo-sleep only)

But on the 9th and 10th, well known sources have already ran out of the film, seems like the marked is already scraped.

I am not sure if stores will be restocked again before October either, fotoimpex.de claims that it may be back in stock from the 17th of April in 120, hopefully, or it may already be gone and gone, for good.

Which is very sad, but also surprisingly quick, seems like the film was quite popular after all.

But for a behemoth like Fuji, I suppose if a 1% activity of their total production-line makes a profit or not, it's probably irrelevant in the big picture...who knows, maybe they need the space for more plastic-lens Instax-cameras, Instax-film coating machines and makeup-products?

Fuji Acros in HC-110B
Hasselblad 503CW
Exposure 1 minute 30 seconds
All is fair in war and business...eh..apparently....!
Just remember what Fuji has always said, while they were slitting the throat of a good film-product: "Fuji will continue to support film".

So there. :)

I know many people never really liked this film, but they should at least never say "good riddance" with a shrug to any film being pulled from the marked.
- because it sends signals that may diminish/discourage use of film in the long run, which, in the end, ends up affecting your particular brand of poison. It is always sad and gives fewer alternatives.

For those that have a few rolls, but feel the tonality is lacking, try it in Rodinal 1:50, or shoot it at 400 and develop it in HC-110 B for 10 minutes.....or don't, you may like it too much and now it's too late... :)

The production-technology and knowledge will be gone as well, so it's not as easy as just buying the rights and start the product under a new name with a different manufacturer.

Fuji Acros in HC-110B
Rolleiflex 2.8F
The product-quality from Fuji is and has always been, impeccable, never a problem with their products.

Fuji now has a small selection of C-41 and E6 transparicy-films available and one can only speculate where the axe (or the Katana??) will hit the next time.

Because it will be a next time, that should be clear.

Fuji Acros in HC-110B
Rolleiflex 2.8F
I have previously speculated that Fuji plans to be out of the film-business completely by 2020, so have your eyes and ears up for slashing and dicing from Fuji in the next 2 years.

My advice, is to stock up on your favorite color-film now, because it seems that when the axe drops, or the sword chops, the marked will be vacuumed considerably quicker than estimated.

Most likely my final order of Fuji Acros
Received today from Fotoimpe.de
25 rolls of 120, 20 rolls of 35mm
Expires in 2019, but will probabably be used some time after 2020 :)

Rest in peace Acros.
- there is no and will be no future alternative to your cleanness, tonality and amazing reciprocity characteristics.

You hereby follow your faster brother, Fuji Neopan 400 and the faser still, Fuji Neopan 1600, into the dreaded abyss called 'films we used to love'.

As for Fuji:

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