10. oktober 2011

A visit to the abandoned school

This weekend, I took a trip somewhere in the south of Norway to get up close and personal with an abandoned school that I heard of.

Apparently, the school was abandoned several years ago, so it still has some time left before it gets that really haunted feeling. Still it is pretty wrecked due to water leakage trough the roof. (which school in this country DOES NOT leak like a sieve anyway?).

The smell of mold hit me as I entered the building, even though the building was rather airy, due to several broken windows.

Also, some doors were slamming now and again, creating a bit of an eerie feel to the whole excursion :)

I am not afraid of the dark, so walking around and photographing a place like this really doesn't bother me, but the sounds kept me on edge, because there are people living near by and I was unsure on the activity.

- The "Klack, Klack.........KLACK" noises from my camera as I took my three, bracket-exposures also seemed to linger in the corridors somehow. :)
The first room I came to, was a regular classrom I suppose, a map of southern Norway hanging in front of the black-board, water damage on the floor and in the ceiling.
All the desks and chairs were removed, so there were only empty rooms left.

The setting sun made for some nice,warm light.
Geography class
1ds mark II, 3 exposure bracket, tonemapped HDR.

On the black-board it said "Last day, have a nice summer!".
- No one was to return, so last day indeed. :)

The next room I found interesting, was the school kitchen classroom (don't know the proper word for the place where you have the cooking-classes, Home Economics???).
Anyway, the tell-tale sign, was the fan-systems hanging from the ceiling.

There was a huge puddle on the floor in there, which I used to the max to get some nice reflections in the shot.

The shot could have been a bit messy, if it hadn't been for the lighting conditions, because the reflected sunlight, creates almost a gold-feel to the various objects in there.

Still, this room was far from gold plated :)

Kitchen classroom
1ds mark II, 3 exposure bracket, tonemapped HDR.

The final room i shot (there were several I didn't shoot), was also a regular classroom, just simply a few lamps dangling from the ceiling and some really gunky water damage on the floor (I actually think I saw something move or grow in the gunk, haha!).

Three lamps
1ds mark II, 3 exposure bracket, tonemapped HDR.

Unsure about the over-all light on this one, but the lamps came out pretty cool. ^^

Generally, the quiet mood and the sense of being vacated more or less in a few weeks, gave me the idea of giving at least a few photos a warm, end of summer-feel. Pacing around the corridors, passing doors with signs like "School nurse", "Science room" and so on, made me think about my own time from 13-16, being in school, getting vaccine-shots, being madly in love with some girl in the other class, getting slightly more mature in thought, hopes and dreams for the future and endless hours in the classroom, being utterly bored. =)

Not sure how this place will work as an location for future shoots, because a car pulled up as I was heading out and two men were checking out the building from the outside.
I had to wait until they rounded the corner before I sneaked out and left.

It's a two-floor building, but I never really did explore the lower parts, due to time and fading light, but I am sure there can be interesting things to be seen in the lower parts as well.

What I really liked about this place, was the absence of graffiti-crap.

Made for a real "Take only photographs, leave only footprints" experience. =)

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