30. november 2012

Bits and nicks


It has been a few months since the last entry, so I'm long overdue with a blog-update.

The past 5 months, I've had a long break from work and just about everything.

I suppose I felt I needed some extra time doing what I want, to ponder over life, see the family and generally just have a little bit of freedom to do what I would like to do, -without having to plan like crazy due to a limited number of available vacation-days.

I'll do a little wrap-up from the extended free-time later, creating some entries about:

- A cultural exchange event between Japan and Norway in Hardanger, which I attended in June.
- A little entry from my trip to Side, Turkey, where I finally felt I got somewhat of a break-trough with my Hasselblad (and Kodak Tri-X ^^).
- A little report from a trip I made to Tokyo in October (always awesome to go there).
- The story on how I became a Rolleiflex TLR-fetishist. =D

But, we can't have a blog without photos now can we? ^^

Here are two:

Yokohama skyline
Yokohama, Japan, October 2012
Hasselblad 503CW, Kodak Tri-X

Hikawa Maru, the old steam-liner
Yokohama, Japan, October 2012
Hasselblad 503CW, Kodak Tri-X

Back with more soon ^^

Have a good one. :)

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